No Income Verification Loans in El Paso, TX

No Income Verification Loans in El Paso, TX

No income verification loans in El Paso, TX are also known as stated loans or reduced documentation loans. This loan type allows the home buyer to have minimal to no credit or a rebuilding credit score. Also, this loan type allows for no verification of income. These types of loans were especially popular for potential home buyers who were self-employed or who carry a 1099 tax form instead of a traditional W-2 tax form. When a potential home buyer does not have a steady flow of income, it can bring challenges on buying a home and this loan option was the answer. The lender would examine the debt to income ratio of the current home buyer and make the decision if they were eligible for a loan based on that information. For the most part, when lenders offered this type of loan, the interest rates would be almost double because of the risk. If the potential home buyer does not agree to the higher interest rates, they would have to try and qualify for a different loan or find some way to prove a stable income.

However, this loan was extremely risky for the lender and is currently not offered at this point in time. If the home buyer ever defaulted on the loan, then the lender would be held accountable for the remainder of the loan.

No income verification loans in El Paso, TX

El Paso, TX No Income Verification Home Loan

No Employment Verification in El Paso, TX

The lender will want to verify the potential home buyer’s assets. In case of the loan going into default, the lender will carefully examine anything that the potential home buyer could liquefy. This could include anything from other homes, to boats, to RV’s, to simple funds deposited and withdrawn.

No Income Verification Loan Down Payment in El Paso, TX

Because this loan is very risky, it will require a down payment between 35% and 50% of the total cost of the home and loan amount.

No Income Verification Loan Credit Requirements in El Paso, TX

This loan requires excellent credit, in most cases a 720 or higher.

Reduced documentation loans in El Paso, TX
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