The Risks Of No Credit Check Personal Loans

Our nation's financial infrastructure has a few things that really concern me. One of them is the fact that we're willing to allow lenders to provide loans to people at astronomical interest rates. As things are, if I really need to I can walk into any cash advance store and find myself a loan at a whopping 1000+ percent interest. These stores of course know how to package their supposed no credit check personal loan and make it look super sexy, in fact they're able to make it look like they are providing a valuable service to the community. After all, these people don't have any other options right? If they have bad credit, it's the only chance they have at a loan.

Since when does our nation allow us to provide and engage in acts that are highly addictive and extremely destructive? Providing loans to people at interest levels this extreme sets them up for HUGE financial issues and allowing this to happen in our nation isn't too far away from allowing people to use drugs that are also addictive and self-destructive.

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There should be a cap on interest for loans in our country and that cap should apply to every type of loans including no credit personal loans like payday loans and cash advances. Otherwise we're taking money from the poor and re-distributing it to the rich because people really struggle to pay back loans of this type.

There are currently eight states that agree with me and have therefore outlawed this type of loan. I wish that more states would follow because that would protect the people who this practice hurts. In my opinion, the fact that we allow these loans to be provided encourages the misuse of credit. People know that they can always get loans, even if they have absolutely abused creditors in the past. Removing these crazy loans will help people to take more responsibility because they won't have these loans to fall back on.

Many of you may believe that this view is extreme but I believe in it. I would like to see better financial education programs so that people can understand how their financial decisions affect them and I would like to see destructive programs fall by the wayside.

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