Ah, to Get Paid!

Again, I say that I don't have much to write. It's getting late on a Sunday afternoon which means it's almost time to go back to work.

This weekend, I spent some of my $300.00 paycheck. I ordered a laptop stick from the competition (I work in wireless services). I decided that my company's prices would not be low enough and that it's equipment would be too bulky. That's why I went with the competition like I did.

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It will be about $30.00 per month to get online at home. I saved a lot of money purchasing the laptop stick online at Amazon. I spent $19.00, total, on it (including shipping). On the phone, the same laptop stick costs as much as $70.00. All I have to do is get on the phone to set up the service once I get the laptop stick in the mail by the 10th. With this service, I won't be able to watch very many videos unless I spend more per month. I don't watch a lot of videos, but I would like to have the option of watching a lot of them if I choose to. There are quite a few SGI-USA videos I'd like to watch and now I won't be able to unless I go to McDonald's or something.

Makes you wonder why I want to spend all this money in the first place. Always going online in a public place that you have to hike to gets rather burdensome after a while. There's nothing like the convenience of going online at home when you want to. It saves a whole lot of time and McDonald's WiFi service won't shutdown your WordPress down every 2 hours. Oh, that is sooo annoying! And then I have to wait up to another hour for WordPress to let me in again. McDonald's WiFi also goes down on occasion. Taco Bell is far more reliable (no renewing every 2 hours, either), but it's far less comfortable going there without buying something. Even if you do buy something, they're not as accustomed to customers staying a long time while online at that location. At least with my own service I'll be more in control.

It would be good to walk for an hour everyday, even if I don't have to go anywhere to go online. On my days off, that will be something to think about. Lately, I haven't been getting my hour of walking time in because Dean has been driving me to and from work a lot. I like Dean and appreciate all that he does to help me, but nothing like that is ever gonna happen between us. I did point out the other day that he would make a really good butler! He then told me that when I become CEO of the company I work for, he'll be my butler. And that is how I see him. He'd be a really great person to help me out when things get hectic in my life. Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate him. But there is absolutely nothing romantic between us. I'm also not at all attracted to him. He sees it differently than I do, of course, but I am always careful to remind him that we are just friends.

Dean fixed my bike on Thanksgiving, but the used inner tube exploded in my company's parking lot while I was at work. Dean had surprised me by sneaking up on me as I rode my bike to work that early morning. I had no idea that the truck stalking me in the dark was him until he revealed himself to me. He then took me out to breakfast. I happened to mention over breakfast that I needed gloves because my hands we're ice cold while riding my bicycle. So, Dean decided to surprise me by buying me gloves at the store next to where I work. That's how he got the chance to check on my bike which was already flat. This caused him to go home to get his bicycle pump. Of course the air did not stay in my tire, despite all his attempts. By the time I got to my bike (not noticing Dean waiting for me after work), the tire was exploding out of the rim and I could see the wide open seam of the inner tube dripping with goo. After putting my tire back together, I left before Dean saw me and when he went to check on my bicycle and saw that it was gone, he thought it had been stolen!

I offered to take Dean out to dinner after I got my paycheck. But I wanted to go to Walmart to get my laptop stick. It ended up being more expensive at Walmart than it is online. So I bought some other things I needed and ended up taking Dean to Popeye's. I promised to take him to a nice restaurant next weekend. It's just so hard for me to resist Popeye's when I go to Walmart! He didn't mind. In fact, he waited until I turned away to get my soda to order some extra items he wanted. So annoying! I wanted to pay for everything, but he wouldn't let me.

So, it's back-to-work, tomorrow. It's already getting dark outside, so the time is near. I'm still nervous about everything. I still don't know how well I will do once we get on the phones. I still say that I don't have all the information I will need to do the job right. I don't know if we'll get to all of it this week or not. I wish we had books or something. My roommate, Phillip, mentioned that they wouldn't want to give out books because of the competition. He's right. That's why it has to be presented to us and we have to take notes. The problem is that we're not getting to everything. We have a big test to pass. I might pass it. We can use our notes. I always take a lot of notes, so I'm probably fine. I also pay attention and try to study my notes when I can. I think I will do okay. What I'm worried about is getting on the phones. That has been my primary focus and concern. The test doesn't seriously worry me. Nonetheless, if we don't pass this test, we don't get on the phones. If you fail it, I think you get an opportunity to re-take it, but after that, I think they fire you.

This test happens in another week or so. This first phase of training ends in 2 weeks. So, this is probably the last week of new material. After this week, it'll be all review. It's getting close. I really do hope I'm ready in time. I really want this job. I really like having a paycheck for a change. I'm really happy at this company. I don't want to have to get another job. It won't look good to another employer that I didn't make it through this company's training.

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