The Dangers Of Bad Credit Personal Loans

One of the riskiest and most dangerous types of loans out there is the bad credit personal loan. Usually people resort to them only when they are in desperate circumstances and this can cause a lot of problems. This article explains some of the dangers of using this very risky type of loan.

The biggest problem that people run into when they take out this type of personal loan is that the interest is extreme. When you have good credit, the institution that lends you money is taking a good, calculated risk on you. When you have bad credit, the situation is a lot harder for the lender and they compensate by increasing the interest, sometimes to astronomical rates. Most people with bad credit can't take out regular personal loans so they resort to payday loans the slimiest of all loans.

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Many online lenders offer these loans and even offer introductory, free bad credit personal loans. These loans are intended to get you to become familiar with the company so that you'll use them in the future. They are usually free for up to 30 days and as long as you pay them off on time, you won't be charged any fees or interest. You are of course then familiar with them as a company and will be more likely to use them in the future. The problem here is that when you do use them, you'll be charged well over 1000% interest and that is WAY too much interest. You will have a really hard time getting your finances in order if you are paying that kind of interest on loans.

I would highly recommend using these loans only in case of a dire emergency. If there is any way that you can borrow money from family or from a friend, it's a much better option.

One of the most important things that you can do if you're considering the use of one of these loans is to fix your credit right now. Commit to yourself that you're done paying bills late. Pay down the balances on your credit cards and make sure that you have around four revolving accounts (credit card accounts) that are in good standing. Don't cancel your credit cards because the length of your credit history is important.

If you will make the commitment now to improve your credit, you can make huge strides within one year. After that you'll never find yourself looking for bad credit loans again and that will REALLY help you to improve your financial position.

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