5 Ways To Save: New Wave

It had to have been easier to save money twenty, thirty, forty or more years ago based on two simple facts: 1) There we're simply not as many convenient options for consumers and 2) Thanks to online banking, credit cards, debit cards and the internet, fools and their money part ways in nanoseconds these days. Below find 5 simple ways to save in this highly technological world.

1. Tivo vs. Your Cable Company's DVR Every cable/satellite company now offers their own DVR (digital video recorder). However, you are billed for the service monthly. Without end. Find out if it would be financially sound for you to purchase a Tivo system and pay the one time flat fee subscription rate that is good for the entire life of your Tivo machine. Or you can eliminate this "need" entirely. There was a time when you did live without Tivo. (I know. I know. It changed your life.)

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2. Music Subscription Sites vs. Apple's iTunes There's no argument, really in terms of pricing. A buck for songs that you get to keep forever vs a monthly fee for songs that are "yours" for as long as you continue to pay for the subscription? If you have your iPod, this is a no-brainer.

Or you eliminate this "need" entirely, too. I know music is extremely important for some people, but while you are trying to climb out of debt and build up your savings, this may be a luxury you could temporarily do without. (This same thought process should be applied to Netflix, as well.)

3. Cell Phones Sometimes we just have too many options. And sometimes we succumb to marketing campaigns. In late 2004, I bought a cell phone. With a camera. A camera that I never use. Opt for the free cell phone that comes with the introductory plan. You don't need a razor. I don't care how cool they look. Buy it when you can really afford one.

4. Internet Access: DSL vs. Wireless vs. Dial-Up vs. Anything At All This luxury has pretty much turned into a necessity within just over a decade. But you may not be able to afford the high-speed access that you have right now. Ask yourself if you could drop down to dial-up-or no home access at all-while you are trying to get control of your finances. For those who are able to have access at work, it might make sense to say goodbye-temporarily-to your internet.

5. Online Shopping At least when you go to the mall, there are factors which limit your ability to purchase items: your time constraints, an item may not be in stock, or the store might be closed. Shopping online removes any barriers between you and what you want. The internet is always open. Things are-more often than not-in stock. You shop when you are available. Hell, you can even shop during work. In order to eliminate your debt, you have to stop building on it in the first place. Stop shopping online. Be more intentional about your purchases.

Our parents and grandparents never had the onslaught of items that most of us are facing today. iPods, Netflix, MP3s, Tivo, cell phones, text messaging, home computers, internet fees-these all add up. Some of these have, unfortunately, turned into "luxurious necessities" that are difficult to live without. However, with a heightened level of self-control, you can learn to eliminate some of these items and choices from your life. You'll feel just a bit lighter, too.

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