30 Day Challenge Days 10-14 Responsibility

Wow, it's Friday already and it seems like yesterday that I last updated.

Over the past few days, I've come to a major realization about myself: I am responsible for my entire financial situation. I am responsible for all my thoughts/emotions that caused my current state. So why is this significant? Because it presupposes I am responsible for completely changing my finances.

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I literally took no action to improve my lack of abundance over the past month or so. However, yesterday I spent nearly 6 hours releasing all sorts of negativity attached to my lack of abundance. It was surprisingly easier yesterday than all the previous days combined. I suspect it has to do with the awareness that the clock is ticking, and rent is due in 2 weeks

I am not worried though. In fact, I am FAR more confident that I am going to pay off rent very easily. I know I will clear my credit card debt and end up with an abundance of cashflow (though I have no idea how long this will take). I say this because I realise the importance of courageousness.

Fear is largely an illusion. Earlier this week, I was plagued by this fear, but after having worked on myself, and having listened to enough teleconference calls, I now know for a fact that I no longer have to play the victim game because "I am the boss" and that emotions have no control over me unless I let them. It is so easy to let the emotions take over, but by deciding to be courageous, I reclaim my power. Stepping into courageousness has allowed me to stare at my fears, only to realise that they are really nothing. It is literally F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal. I remember hearing that phrase so often that it sounded like a cliche. I kept getting angry or frustrated with it since I was constantly stuck in fear unable to get out. Even with the current tools I've been using for several years, I found it difficult to change some of these issues, but my current understanding of the Release Technique has given me the strength to take back my life rather than being the victim. It took me a while to grasp this, but now I get it: The key is to decide to quit playing the victim game. I reached that point, and so now I no longer entertain disempowering thoughts. I take 100% responsibility, even though life isn't exactly fair all the time.

So now that I have a much more empowering outlook on life, I plan to begin marketing again quite soon. Earlier, I was feeling a bit afraid of marketing for whatever strange reason, but then I was reminded of how I managed to teach English in spite of any fears I once had with teaching English. I realise I had the courage in me to teach. I remember, the thought of teaching used to stir up strong feelings of anxiety, but it's quite different now. Courageousness is the first step to change, and I take full responsibility.

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